It amuses me that people think journalistic writing is so easy. 

I think I just read the absolute worst “article” ever.. The person is an English/ Professional Writing major and also an intern for our college newspaper. Now, granted, she’s trying. She’s actually writing something for the paper instead of nothing at all. 

But, damn. 

There are some pretty big differences between journalism and a personal essay. One of which being the tense. Another being the objectivity. 

It just reminded me of editing my ex-boyfriend’s English papers back when we were sophomores. 

Today …

I saw a bumper sticker like this:

Followed by one like this:

On a vehicle which looked something like this:

was parked in a parking deck (in a COMPACT CAR PARKING ONLY SPACE!) and had HUGE window decals stating:

The irony.
The ignorance.
I wish I had taken a photo.