It amuses me that people think journalistic writing is so easy. 

I think I just read the absolute worst “article” ever.. The person is an English/ Professional Writing major and also an intern for our college newspaper. Now, granted, she’s trying. She’s actually writing something for the paper instead of nothing at all. 

But, damn. 

There are some pretty big differences between journalism and a personal essay. One of which being the tense. Another being the objectivity. 

It just reminded me of editing my ex-boyfriend’s English papers back when we were sophomores. 

Love Morgan Spurlock’s films.

30 Random Ass Things About Me Just Because I Felt Like Making a List

  1. When I was 18, I registered to vote as a Republican. My mom asked me if I was sure about that decision.
  2. I was baptized when I was around the age of 15 - 16 in a southern Baptist church. I used to enjoy attending church. Even though I sometimes didn’t listen to the sermon. And I never sang any of the hymns.
  3. My ex-boyfriend when I was 18 was a singer. He humiliated me by making me sing in front of his friends (I can’t carry a tune for shit), saying he was going to help me learn the notes.
    This same boyfriend broke up with me through e-mail saying he wished he could change three things about me: my arms, my ability to sing and the way my eyes fluttered when I kissed him. He regretted that decision for five years as he kept trying to get me back.
  4. I sometimes think I pick the worst people to make friends with. I no longer speak to my best friends from high school and rarely speak to any I claim to have made during college. 
  5. The people who would’ve been good friends to me, I always disregard.
  6. I like my cats more than most people.
  7. I honestly do not like the majority of people that I meet. And they usually don’t like me. I’m okay with that… mostly.
  8. I used to shoplift… a lot.
  9. I wish I was creative enough to imagine vivid, three-dimensional characters that people can identify with (like those in Harry Potter or X-Men: First Class).
  10. I’m extremely embarrassed of the person I was at UNC-Pembroke. Alcohol and drugs did a lot of strange things to my behaviour.
  11. I think I want to work for Greenpeace.
  12. I’m going to be one of those people who only like their children. I already know it. I am just not a kid person
  13. I’m not a dog person either.
  14. I’m judgmental. If I hear a person say they attend church, i automatically assume we will not get along very well. I’m sorry to be judgmental, I just like people who think like me.
  15. I truly believe religion hinders people rather than helping.
  16. I have idiopathic scoliosis. I was diagnosed when I was 12… BY MY DENTIST. No one else in my family has scoliosis.
  17. Besides my 6 year old cousin, I’m the only left-handed person in my entire family.
  18. I despise fake people who are only consumed by themselves and their immediate surroundings. 
  19. I think my boyfriend’s sister is perhaps the most selfish person I have ever met in my entire life. She literally seems to think the world revolves around her and she’s 24!
  20. The only thing I miss about high school is being editor of my high school newspaper. I really, really miss writing on a regular basis.
  21. I used to deny being a Harry Potter fan for fear of being picked on and mocked. I am so proud of growing up with Harry now. 
  22. I think the man I’m with now I may end up marrying. And I’m okay with that. Even though Rice is sort of a lame last name.
  23. Moving out of my parents house has improved not only my relationship with them, but also my relationship with my siblings.
  24. I wish more people my age were self-reliant.
  25. I hate hearing people say “Well, I don’t need the money.” THEN WHY DID YOU GET A JOB?!
  26. I wish I was a redhead.
  27. If I could travel to anywhere in the world, I would pick England.
  28. If I could time travel, I would pick the 60’s.
  29. I want to own a VW van. They’re so fucking cool.
  30. I don’t listen to the radio. Therefore my musical taste is VERY outdated… I like 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock music.

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side? 7 Days of Trying on Conservativism

My boyfriend and I are self-proclaimed (and very obviously) liberal Democrats.

Apparently, as a joke, he told his coworkers he was going to pretend to be a right-winged, Christian Republian for a week.

When he brought the idea up to me, I first told him to keep that shit at work or he’d have nowhere to sleep… lol. Nor would he get laid for a week.

This led us to the idea of: Wouldn’t it be really cool, if he had the money and the means, to immerse himself in the stereotypical Republican lifestyle? And I’m talking all the way immersion. Renting large, unneccessary, gas guzzling, environmental polluting cars (Hummer, etc)… attending church and Republican meetings…

It would not only be a learning experience but a GREAT journalistic endeavour.

I then thought that not only should he attempt to understand the craziness of a Republican mind, he should immerse himself in extreme liberalism as well.

Just imagine the circumstances you might be involved in! It would be a life changing experience, for not only him, but for others who viewed the experience as well.

So, we emailed Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, 30 Days) the idea.
Because that man has the means and money to attempt an idea like this (because it’s a great idea… right?)

Graduation: Bachelor’s Degree Within Sight

I will graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies (public relations) & a minor in journalism NEXT YEAR!


I’m so freaking excited! I thought transferring schools would push me back at least another year… but YAY!

UNCW, you are the shit. I am so excited to graduate from there!